Fretboards has been around since 1980.

The owner, Jeff, has been been involved with music since a young child, for some members of his family were of professional status in the industry. He has been playing guitar since 1970.


He’s been teaching music since 1977. In the late 90’s he became a secondary school teacher. By 2015 Jeff was fully immersed in teaching music to special needs teens in the Secondary School System.

In 2017, he started teaching guitar to Vets around the world using the internet. Presently he is using multi cameras to allow the online students to see his hands more clearly and mimic his positions with more ease.

The lessons are customized for each student taking private lessons. Presently Fretboards is gearing up to teach on-line group lessons for those that would prefer the interaction in such a setting.

At this time there are only on-line programs. When Covid is finally over, in person lessons will startup again.

Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning your passion, music and how to augment your knowledge and ability.


In 2007 Jeff invested in his interest of guitar building and repairing, studying under Tony Karol of Karol Guitars, for a year. He quickly realized his strengths lay in repairing guitars and that is the direction Fretboards has taken, to honestly evaluate a situation and suggest a solid course of action to remedy the problem.

At this time we only offer curbside service ensuring social distancing and the wearing of correct a mask is a must.

Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning your best musical friend, your guitar.

Please stay safe and healthy, Fretboards